Acta Botanica, Figure 11. Platanthéra bifólia


It was a long time ago. On Midsummer’s Night, when the borders between magic and reality, life and death become blurred, when innocent youths go into the forest in search of the Flower that only blooms on this night, I also went in search of the Flower, since I was unmarried. But it was Zana who found it. But the forest spirits turned Zana into the Flower. They made her beautiful. Nobody would have remembered this, if it wasn’t for Yannis. Until the end of his life, and Yannis lived 472 years and two springs, he would go into the dreamiest forest on Midsummer’s Night, find a clearing with singing fragrant flowers, and pour out his pained soul, wandering amongst the Flowers, holding the hand of his memories of his beloved.

Original painting by Helena-Alexandra Reut

Mixed technique on Canvas,
30 H x 30 W x 7,5 cm

Shipping: The artwork will be sealed in a waterproof sleeve and packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailer for shipping.

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Acta Botanica is a series about women and plants. It is a reflection on modernity and tradition, on the forgotten medicinal qualities of herbs, and on the fact that it was often women who knew how to apply natural remedies. It is a story about stories passed down from generation to generation. About the continuous flow of time and the fragrance of a newly-opened bud. But it’s also a practical guide for daily use, here and now; about the things you can buy and consume. About people who can be role models for us. About the role of women in general. Finally, it is simultaneously a very personal confession and a universal tale; a serious contemplation on the world and a lighthearted moment of play.

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