Acta Botanica, Figure 3. Harmony

In order to achieve harmony, brew some Valerian flowers and Aloe leaves (ratio 1:2) in a teapot. For best results, use water that is just about to boil. Valerian has a calming quality, and Aloe helps in coping with stomach ulcers and heals wounds of the soul. Take half a glass at a time, in mornings and evenings.

Original painting by Helena-Alexandra Reut

Mixed technique on Canvas,
80 H x 80 W x 2


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Acta Botanica is a series about women and plants. It is a reflection on modernity and tradition, on the forgotten medicinal qualities of herbs, and on the fact that it was often women who knew how to apply natural remedies. It is a story about stories passed down from generation to generation. About the continuous flow of time and the fragrance of a newly-opened bud. But it’s also a practical guide for daily use, here and now; about the things you can buy and consume. About people who can be role models for us. About the role of women in general. Finally, it is simultaneously a very personal confession and a universal tale; a serious contemplation on the world and a lighthearted moment of play.

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