Acta Botanica, Figure 4


Ela Lazarewicz-Wyrzykowska shared with me a recipe for a drink which has been passed from ear to ear for centuries by women. This magic potion helps to alleviate morning sickness during pregnancy. Three ingredients are necessary: Mentha (also known as Mint), Lemon and Ginger. The Ginger should be finely grated at exactly 10:45am. The Lemon should be cut into pieces and crushed with a gold spoon, to keep away evil spirits and to extract the maximum amount of juice. Sprinkle the Mint leaves from above, like falling snowflakes. Pour boiling water on the mixture and let it brew for as long as it takes you to smile for a third time. On the hot summer days of my own pregnancy, we blended this drink with cold sparkling water and the piano concertos of Chopin.

Original painting by Helena-Alexandra Reut

Mixed technique on Canvas,
80 H x 60 W x 2

Shipping: The artwork will be sealed in a waterproof sleeve and packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailer for shipping.

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Acta Botanica is a series about women and plants. It is a reflection on modernity and tradition, on the forgotten medicinal qualities of herbs, and on the fact that it was often women who knew how to apply natural remedies. It is a story about stories passed down from generation to generation. About the continuous flow of time and the fragrance of a newly-opened bud. But it’s also a practical guide for daily use, here and now; about the things you can buy and consume. About people who can be role models for us. About the role of women in general. Finally, it is simultaneously a very personal confession and a universal tale; a serious contemplation on the world and a lighthearted moment of play.

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